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4 Benefits of Owning an Aerobic Septic System

Maintaining a working septic system is important for both residential and commercial properties. Without proper waste disposal, the health risks to occupants can significantly increase. Regular pumping, typically every three to five years, are essential for a well-running septic tank.

When considering a septic system, the choice often boils down to two options, one of which is the aerobic system. Here’s why opting for an aerobic septic system is a smart decision:

1. Suitable For All Properties

Aerobic systems are effective in all soil types. They are not limited by high groundwater levels, shallow rock, or dense clay.

A purple recycled water Maxi-Paw sprinkler installed by Cyclone Septics

2. Environmentally Friendly

Recycling your wastewater to irrigate your lawn is part of the treatment with aerobic systems, promoting water conservation.

3. Effluent Treatment

A properly maintained aerobic system can provide superior treatment, resulting in cleaner effluent, reducing the risk of groundwater contamination, particularly beneficial in areas with a high water table.  If you’re on well water, protecting your groundwater is important to the health of your family!

4. Small Footprint

Unlike lateral line septic systems that demand a lot of space, aerobic systems require a smaller area, ideal for properties with limited lot sizes.

For those new to septic tank ownership, hiring a reliable company is crucial. Existing owners should seek professional advice for any alterations or guidance. Contact us at Cyclone Septics today for dependable septic tank cleaning and installation services.

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