Is That Cheap Septic Worth It?

So, you have your soil profile and it says you need 300′ of lateral lines. You’ve contacted many installers who charge $6000-$7000, but then you find someone on Craigslist who will do it for $5000. Jackpot! Or is it too good to be true? Before you hire just anyone, make sure your installer is...

Should I Use Septic Tank Additives?

You’ve seen the commercials advertising septic tank additives. RID-X is usually the first to come to mind. So what’s the deal, what are these products, and do they actually work? Or are you basically flushing money down the drain? What are septic tank additives? First let’s discuss how...

Sewer Flies Driving You Crazy?

Sewer flies.  Drain flies.  Whatever you call them.  Yuck! We get calls once or twice a month about these little pests.  Are sewer flies coming from your septic tank? Yes, they can live in your septic tank but despite their name, they aren’t flying up your pipes from the sewer or septic.  That...

Your Septic System and Winter Weather

The winter weather hasn’t hit us too hard… yet.  But it’s coming.  Luckily, Oklahoma septic tanks don’t have too much to worry about during the winter but we can have a few issues. When Do I Need to Worry About My Septic in Winter? When the freezing temperatures do come and...
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