Choose Wisely: 5 Tips for Selecting the Best Septic Company

Many people forget to take care of their septic system until problems happen, but it’s important for it to work well. To ensure your system’s reliability, follow these five tips when selecting the best septic company.

1. Expertise Matters

The complexity of a septic system demands an experienced septic installer. Seek a septic company that is knowledgeable in installing and maintaining residential systems and provides comprehensive services. A good septic company will be there for you and for the life of your system.

2. Verify Certification and Insurance

A valid DEQ certification showcases a company’s credibility and expertise. Make sure they have the right permits and insurance to protect you from any problems while they work on your property. In Oklahoma, it’s not mandatory to hire a certified septic installer. However, choosing one ensures that they have insurance and bonding to safeguard customers, and they attend yearly education.

Hiring a certified installer means hiring a dedicated professional who will be available when needed. Cyclone Septics holds the required certifications, bonds, insurance, and employs a top industry educator.

3. Comprehensive Services

While your immediate need might be installing a septic, explore companies offering a range of services beyond routine care. From repairs to emergency call-outs, consider the long-term system benefits. The company must have certified installers and technicians and be available for questions before and after the septic system installation.

Cyclone Septics has 3 certified installers, a soil profiler, an inspector, and are certified pumpers. We offer the most comprehensive services.  

4. Budget Wisely

Obtain quotes from various contractors to gauge costs. Remember, compromising quality for cost savings might prove detrimental in the long run.

It’s important to ask what is covered with the installation and understand what you will be responsible for.  For instance, do you need an electrician or plumber for any work? 

Getting a contract or detailed written quote from the contractor is an important step that can protect you and prevent any misunderstandings.

5. Review Testimonials

Assessing past customer experiences provides valuable insights. Utilize online reviews and company websites to gauge customer service, reliability and overall satisfaction, and expertise.

Cyclone Septics is the top local septic company that meets all these requirements and more!  Give us a call today!

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