Decoding Aerobic Maintenance Plans in Oklahoma

Let’s kick off by delving into the realm of new installations. Some installers try to convince customers that aerobic maintenance plans are necessary for a new system.

In Oklahoma, installers must provide maintenance for the first two years on all aerobic systems they install. This legal obligation is there to protect homeowners from a poorly installed system. (Note: The installer isn’t accountable for issues like broken sprinkler heads caused directly by homeowners.)

Now, let’s address a recurring question: “Do I need a maintenance plan?” It’s a loaded query.

Do we recommend having one? Absolutely. Is it a legal requirement? Not typically, at least not yet (although the State has been contemplating the idea).

Some installers tell their customers that a maintenance plan is a necessity. However, it’s crucial to emphasize that there is no statewide legal mandate for paying for a maintenance plan. While some cities may have ordinances requiring one, it’s more of an exception than a rule.

Allow me to illustrate a couple of reasons why we strongly advocate for having a maintenance plan. Many people don’t pump their septic systems regularly, causing sludge buildup and bad smells. If left unattended, this can lead to pump failure and potential backup issues, costing around $1200-2000+ to repair.

Contrast this with the preventative measure of a $200 maintenance plan plus a $450 tank pump-out. Even with the additional cost, you’d still come out ahead financially.

Another example involves the air compressor, which typically lasts 2-4 years. Without proper maintenance, it can lead to stinky sprayers and a potential $300-600 repair cost. Opting for our Gold or above plans not only covers the repair cost but also prevents more expensive issues down the line.

Having a maintenance plan is a smart choice that can save you money in the future, given these situations.

Next time an installer insists on a maintenance plan, you’ll know the law.

Seek out a company that prioritizes honesty over profit. For those curious about the plans we offer, you can find more details here.

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