Aero-Stream® Remediator Pro Line Kit

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Brand: Aero-Stream®

The Pro Line kit includes everything required to implement the restoration process for households up to 8 occupants.

The Pro Line reverses and maintains bio-mat permeability by fundamentally changing the bio-chemical process from a passive anaerobic mode to an active aerobic mode. This is accomplished by controlled aeration of the wastewater in the septic tank. The Remediator strategically increases the dissolved oxygen level in the septic tank creating an aerobic environment.

Notes: The cause of the septic system failure should be evaluated by a septic professional. This kit will not work if the failure is due to a damaged drainfield or a drainfield clogged by roots.

Air Compressor (120 Volt AC, 190W, 1.8A Power)
20′ Air Line & Aero-Tube Diffuser Assembly
Four Meters Bio-Brush (Exclusive to Aero-Stream®)
2-Stage Effluent Filter
Two-Year Equipment Warranty
One Time Free Aerobic Generator Tune-Up ($275 Value!)
Money Back Guarantee

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