The Important Role of Chlorine in Aerobic Septic Systems

It’s important to keep your aerobic system working well, as many households in Oklahoma depend on it for wastewater management. Proper care ensures its longevity, potentially matching the lifespan of your home. Neglecting maintenance, including septic tank service, can lead to significant damage or other consequences.

Should You Use Chlorine in Your Aerobic Septic Tank?

Aerobic treatment systems can use tablets or household bleach to disinfect the effluent. Make sure you use the type that your system is designed for. You should only add it in the designated reservoir or holder.

Chlorine bleach stands out as an effective method for septic system disinfection because of its availability. Treating the wastewater is important, considering the health risks posed by untreated effluent.

What's the Purpose of Chlorine in an Aerobic System?

Chlorine bleach’s primary role in your aerobic tank is reducing bacteria levels in your pump tank. When you introduce the bleach into the tank, it will eliminate up to 99% of bacteria. This treatment ensures that the wastewater sprayed on your lawn poses no harm to your family.

Where Can Chlorine be Found?

The advantage of a liquid chlorinator over a tablet chlorinator is the ease of getting liquid bleach. Household bleach from any store will work but selecting the right bleach matters.

Ensure you use standard household bleach. Do not use splashless or scented bleach in your aerobic system. You should dilute concentrated bleach 1:1 before adding it to your bleach reservoir.

Learn More

If you think you need help, ask a professional like Cyclone Septics. You can also look at our aerobic system guide.

If you are tired of adding bleach to your aerobic septic system, check out our UV Disinfection.  

You can also read the EPA’s Fact Sheet: Chlorine Disinfection

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