Aerobic System UV Disinfection

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cutaway of a NuWater aerobic tank with a Norweco AT1500 UV disinfection system installed

Easier Maintenance With Ultraviolet Aerobic Disinfection

At Cyclone Septics, we know that the last thing you want to do is worry about aerobic maintenance. While we offer easy maintenance packages, there is still some hands-on work for you to do. Stop messing with chlorine refills and upgrade to UV disinfection for your aerobic instead.

UV disinfection eliminates the need for bleach or chlorine tablets, and you’ll never have to do monthly or quarterly chlorine refills. Instead, UV treatment exposes the effluent from the ATU to an ultraviolet light source. This effectively reduces harmful pathogenic bacteria levels to below recreational water quality standards.

This happens without any chemicals! The system is equipped with an internal current-sensing circuit that continuously monitors the performance of the UV lamp. This self-diagnostic feature monitors the current that is used by the UV lamp.

If the output drops below an acceptable level for disinfection, the alarm circuit will trigger the green LED light on the outside of the control center. An alarm signal will also be generated so you know it’s time for repairs.

Is a UV upgrade right for you? Call Cyclone Septics today and we’ll talk to you about the options. We can provide a free, same-day quote!

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closeup of a a Norweco AT 1500 UV disinfection system being installed in a NuWater aerobic tank
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