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Aerobic System Warranty Inspections

All new systems include a limited 2 year warranty, from the date of installation, on all tank components (excludes the distribution system).  During this period your tank will be inspected twice per year.  The following items will be checked during an inspection:

  • Free chlorine residual in effluent
  • Depth of sludge in the trash tank & ATU
  • Pump tank clarity
  • Adjust timer, if needed
  • Verify all components are working as required

If we attempt an inspection and do not have access to the tank we will leave notice requesting you contact the office to schedule service. This could include a fence, dogs in the yard or another reason that prevents safe access.  Additional service calls outside the scheduled inspections may incur a charge.

Once the warranty period has expired, you will be notified and will have the opportunity to sign up for an annual aerobic maintenance plan

aerobic septic system in a yard with the lid open during an inspection
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