Septic System Rehabilitation

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Septic System Rehabilitation

Have you noticed signs of your septic system failing?

  • Soggy lateral lines
  • Water standing over the drainfield or tank
  • Toilets won’t flush
  • Sewer smell in your yard
We may be able to help for a fraction of the cost of a new septic system!

How To Fix Your Failing Septic System

Traditionally there have only been a few options for a failing septic system.

These options were often out of reach for homeowners so they have continued to struggle with their septic system.

For years, we have avoided advertising drain field rehab because there are so many questionable “solutions” out there.  Only after extensive research have we been willing to put our name on a product. 

Cyclone Septics is now the only authorized Aero-stream® Reseller in Oklahoma.

You can purchase the Remediator® to install yourself or have us install it for you.

Is It Too Good To Be True?

Remediation can cost thousands less than a new septic system.  You’re probably wondering if it’s too good to be true.

Aero-stream® has been in business since 2002.  They have a long reputation of helping people solve their septic problems.  And it’s not a short-term, temporary fix.  If you read their reviews, there are countless homeowners that have had trouble free operation for 5, 10 or more years.

Not only that, the theory is also sound.  Converting your anaerobic system to an aerobic system should reduce or eliminate the bio-film in a failing system.  But that alone didn’t convince us.  There is also research by Purdue and Baylor Universities that support the science.

Is There a Warranty?

Aero-stream® is so confident in their system, they offer a money back guarantee.

The Fine Print

While the Remediator® is a great alternative to a new septic system, it’s not the answer for every failing septic.  If your failure is caused by damage or root intrusion then you will need a new system.

Contact us today for a consultation on if the Aero-stream® Remediator® is the answer to your septic problems!

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Septic System Rehabilitation

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water standing in a yard over a failing septic system
Aero-Stream Remediator® Pro-Line Kit
Aero-Stream Remediator® Pro-Line Kit

Rescue Your Septic System!

Kit + Installation


  • Initial evaluation of septic system
  • Excavation of the inlet & outlet of your septic tank
  • Risers added to both septic tank openings
  • Retrofitting outlet baffle to accept the effluent filter and be accessible for maintenance.
  • Installation and setup of Remediator Kit
  • 1 yr of system inspections and maintenance
  • Remediator Pro Line Kit

Kit Only


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